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Are you tired of the system, of the rat-race, of being just another brick in the wall? Join our community of like-minded individual to co-create our own world, our own reality, our own paradise.


Say Hello to Healthy Living


The area is a dream for those who take their health seriously. Clean air, clean water, bicycle transportation, and an abundance of health and wellness professionals to keep you on the path to wellness.


Say Hello to Family Time


Families thrive in the nurturing environment of Puerto Viejo. With a selection of alternative private schools, extracurricular activities, and a supportive international community growing up in the south Caribbean is a dream come true. Children are able to spend time outdoors, with their family and friends, and be mentored and nurtured in healthy surroundings.


Say Hello to Activities


Choose your own adventure – surfing, ziplining, hiking, kayaking, a “spa day” at a remote waterfall, beach volleyball, lounging on a palm-fringed beach. Here in the tropical Caribbean the sky is the limit for active individuals.


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