Biking & Transportation

Biking & Transportation

What’s one thing that the happiest nations in the world have in common? The bikeability and/or walkability of their communities. Studies show that if residents are able to bike or walk to the majority of their daily activities they are happier and have a stronger sense of community. In fact, people who drive on a daily basis are 13% more likely to express feelings of strain than those who walk or bike! Not everyone has the privilege of ditching the car on their daily commute, but biking and transportation is easy in Puerto Viejo.

Puerto Viejo Living

We encourage you to ask yourself – why sit in rush hour when you can spend time outside? The streets of Puerto Viejo and the surrounding communities are easy to navigate and well-maintained. Stroll to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning or hop on your bike and head to Playa Negra to discover why we’re in love with our daily commute. There are plenty of bike shops to help your with repairs and countless jungle paths for you to explore!

Get Your Body Moving

The secret is out: moving your body is the key (well, one of the “keys“) to living a long, happy life! The easiest way to incorporate motion into your day isn’t by squeezing in an hour at the gym after a long day in the office – it’s adopting a lifestyle that encourages movement all day, every day. Start your morning with a walk on the beach or end your evening learning how to salsa. In Costa Rica, the choice is yours.