In Puerto Viejo, we believe that health isn’t just something to strive for – it’s a way of life. Many local businesses are centered in the health and wellness industry, which makes it easy for residents to find the tools they need to nourish their body and mind. From surf camps to yoga retreats to naturopathic medicine, Costa Rica is a mecca for those seeking to realign their life with heath.


Puerto Viejo is home to some of the most incredible yoga studios in the world. Large, open-air platforms and beachfront yoga classes provide unforgettable views, while the heat and humidity offer optimal conditions for strengthening, stretching and meditation. A constant stream of retreats and one-of-a-kind events ensures that you’ll always have the opportunity to deepen your practice with an ever-expanding group of yogis from all over the world. Grab a mat and join us in any of our remarkable yoga studios and meditation centers!


Our health-conscious community isn’t focused on dieting, abstaining from or restricting certain foods. Instead, we place an emphasis on consuming exceptional products that are locally grown and naturally cultivated. Our weekly Farmer’s Market features over 20 local growers and artists, making it possible for restaurants in Puerto Viejo to use fresh, high-quality ingredients. Many local chefs highlight menus that are entirely organic, vegan or vegetarian, and others serve up raw food that tastes as incredible as it looks.

Alternative Medicine

For thousands of years, the indigenous tribe near Puerto Viejo has used alternative medicine to heal their clans. Their Shaman, or “awa,” combines spiritual healing with herbal medicine in order to provide an all-encompassing treatment that is free from unwanted or negative side effects. This unconventional form of natured-based medicine has attracted many holistic healers to Puerto Viejo, and has created community that turns to naturopathic medicine before prescription medication.