The Bridge

The Bridge

I built my home, “Casa del Puente” or “The Bridge,” as a blueprint for sustainable architecture in Costa Rica. A fusion of style and functionality, this home is designed to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and durable. Using modern tropical building techniques and various branches of permaculture, the entire property supports a holistic approach to living. As an environmentally-friendly building it works with the ecosystem (rather than against it) and utilizes the cool, Costa Rican breeze to provide natural ventilation. With modern amenities, intelligent design and a lower environmental impact, Casa Del Puente bridges the gap between comfort and sustainability in the tropics.

Design Aspects

From appliances to insulation, every aspect of Casa del Puente has been carefully considered. Energy efficient lighting, gas appliances, synthetic decking made from recycled carpets, a low consumption refrigerator, rain catchment for gravity-fed water and garden to grow food make up just a small portion of the environmentally-friendly building techniques used in the home. Radiant heat barrier paint has been applied to the roof to prevent temperature fluctuations, and a gourmet kitchen ensures that every home-cooked meal is exquisite.

What’s in a Name?

Casa del Puente is more than an innovative home. It signifies the bridge between our old, wasteful, inefficient lives and a new life of passion, happiness and harmony. It is not only an example of modern design and state-of-the-art building technique, but also a template for a harmonious community, society and way of living. There is an ever-increasing need to observe, conserve and protect our world, and each of us can (and should) consider our ecological footprint. To learn more about building your own sustainable home in Costa Rica, send me a message. Let’s work towards creating a lifestyle that echoes your dream for the future.