Live in Puerto Viejo for a week and you’ll suddenly find yourself waving at familiar faces or greeting your favorite shopkeepers as you stroll down the street. This close-knit community welcomes newcomers, and acts as a transition town for many travelers or soul-searchers hoping to find purpose or meaning in their lives. Why? The community in Puerto Viejo opens your eyes, challenges your way of thinking and offers a new start to anyone that’s willing to listen. You simply need to feel the magic to believe in it.

A Pura Vida Way of Life

Living in Puerto Viejo means choosing a new, rejuvenating way of life, free from hurry and modern stressors. In a place where schedules are flexible and siestas are encouraged, “tico time” (i.e. an extremely flexible meeting time) ensures that you’ll never be late again. Secluded homes are designed to allow for natural air flow and light, and lovingly-tended gardens provide daily nourishment for the entire community. This off-the-grid form of living allows residents to enjoy solitude while incorporating nature and tradition into the rhythm of their daily lives.

Early Retirement

Early retirement shouldn’t just be relaxing; it should be fulfilling, engaging and bring a greater purpose to your life. In fact, the majority of people that spend their early retirement in Costa Rica choose to do so because it gives them the opportunity to purse what they truly love. With a climate that fosters year-round health and happiness, Puerto Viejo has been deemed the fountain of youth by many of its occupants – both young and old. To learn more about early retirement planning and why our slice of paradise is known for being the best place to live in Costa Rica, contact Puerto Viejo Group today!