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Designing Your Dream – Early Retirement in Costa Rica

early retirement costa rica

Are you ready to pursue the next exciting and rewarding phase of your life? Costa Rica is a mecca for those looking to enjoy early retirement in Costa Rica. With endless sunshine, soft sand and sparkling beaches, there are plenty of places to savor the fruits of your labor. Not sure where to start? We’ll help you land on your feet and dive into the deep, rich culture that can only be found with early retirement in Costa Rica.

Step 1: Determine Your Budget

Costa Rica has something to offer early retirees of every budget. Whether you’re searching for a beachfront condominium or putting together building plans for your dream home, there are plenty of places to hang your hat and start your next adventure.

Step 2: Choose Your Community

Are you looking for an upscale area with tourism? Or are you searching for a small, close-knit community to grow old with? Before making the jump, be sure to plan a visit to travel to the wildly different communities of Costa Rica. It’s important to find an area that meshes with your lifestyle – and not all of them will!

Step 3: Pursue Your Passion

Early retirement isn’t just about relaxing on the beach and drinking fruity drinks out of a coconut. It’s about finally having the time to dedicate yourself to the things that you truly love! What gives your life meaning, and what do you want to devote your time to? The opportunities are endless. Start planning your early retirement in Costa Rica today! 

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