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Bribri Tours: Experience the Largest Indigenous Community in Costa Rica!

Bribri Tours

Who are the Bribri?

The Bribri are the largest indigenous community in Costa Rica. According to a census by the Ministerio de Salud, there are 11,500 Bribri living in the Puerto Viejo de Talamanca area, although other surveys estimate that the population is as high as 35,000.

Because the Bribri community was in isolation for many years, the Bribri people speak their own language and even have their own form of sign language. The Bribri work hard to maintain their independence by producing their own food, medicine and housing materials.

They use an extensive bartering system within their clans, and frequently try to minimize their interactions with outsiders in order to preserve their culture. But, there are some members of the Bribri of the community that see tourism as an opportunity to share the beauty of their world!

Bribri Tours

Want to meet the Bribri? You’re in luck! In recent years the Bribri people have responded to the growing demand for tourism in their indigenous land. They’re happy to share their way of life and love of the rainforest with visitors from all over the world. One of the most popular excursions is their daily chocolate tour, which allows visitors to see (and taste!) the chocolate-making process from start to finish. We guarantee that you’ve never tasted chocolate like this!

If chocolate isn’t your thing, the Bribri are proud to show you other aspects of their traditions and culture. Other tour options include a meeting with the local shaman, an afternoon swim in the Bribri waterfalls or a tour of two running farms (have you ever seen an iguana farm?) within the Bribri reservation. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the largest indigenous community in Costa Rica!

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