Buy a Home

Buy a Home

Deciding to buy a home in Costa Rica may seem intimidating, but unlike like many other countries, foreigners actually have the same rights as locals when purchasing land. In fact, Costa Rica is one of the easiest countries for expatriates to buy property! You can purchase a home and register the title in your own name. Not only that, but Costa Rica has shockingly low property taxes – .25% (that’s one quarter of one percent!) annually.

Where to Buy

Costa Rica is home to countless beachfront communities that are growing and thriving. At Puerto Viejo Group, we are dedicated to pairing you with a property that fits your budget, your design and your dream. As residents, we use our experience and in-depth knowledge of Puerto Viejo real estate to ensure that our buyers feel confident and comfortable throughout the purchasing process. From secluded sanctuaries to spacious waterfront properties, we aim to provide you with the best real estate listings in Costa Rica.

Living in Paradise

Costa Rica is unlike anywhere else in the world. From the nutrient-rich rainforest to the vibrant coral reef, this naturally abundant environment is paradise for every living creature and thing. Whether you’re searching for a winter retreat, an investment property or a full-time tropical home, there are endless opportunities for you to build the beachfront life that you’ve always desired. Are you ready to join us? Our progressive communities are prepared to welcome you with open arms. There’s no better place to call home.

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