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Where to Buy Food for Preparing at Home:

Organic Delivery Service

Organic Delivery CR offers fresh, organic, local vegetables sourced from Costa Rican family

farms. Place your order by email on Thursday and your box of fresh local produce will be

available for pickup at the Saturday Farmer’s Market or delivered to your house for a small

charge. Email Miley at for their weekly menu.


Saturday Farmer’s Market in Puerto Viejo:

Where the healthy people meet! Saturday mornings from 7 – 11 am the farmer’s market is a hub

of activity where farmers sell their produce, chocolate, cheeses, fresh eggs, dehydrated snacks,

natural organic soaps, exotic tropical fruits, baked goods, jams, and much more. Note: the

products on the right hand side are organic and those on the left ARE NOT. According to multiple

sources, Costa Rica is the world’s number one user of pesticides per capita, so we highly

recommend shopping on the right hand side.


BioMercado in Puerto Viejo:

This little natural food shop located next to Hotel Puerto Viejo sells fresh produce and artisanal

products. Fresh vegetables are delivered on Saturday and Wednesday so these are the best

days to visit. Also offers a wide range of health products, natural insect repellent, kombucha, and

other useful items for the kitchen and bath.

puerto-viejo- 72972


Namu Tienda Gourmet in Puerto Viejo:

Another store selling superfoods, organic produce, and natural products. Located on the street

between Terraventuras and Megasuper grocery store.

puerto-viejo- 73025

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